The Lab Method

The Lab Method is our guiding formula–it’s our overall approach to physical, mental and social wellness. It is systematic, it happens at every level, and it infuses everything we do with care and integrity.

About The Lab

The Lab is a different kind of space for experimentation. Ours is a place for judgement-free exploration and discovery. We acknowledge that your movement practice is a journey, and it is ongoing. There is no destination, there is no finish line. It is about a constant state of evolving. And so, we will always evolve too.

Our Classes

This is your home to strong sequences and playful movement. We offer accessible yoga and rewarding mindful fitness classes, there is something for everyone. Come learn through movement, even when it’s messy, especially when it’s messy.

With our low commitment Intro Month, it’s easy to come try out our classes.

Instructor Team

The Lab instructors are the best in our communities. With a focus on alignment and safe practice, our dedicated, certified and amazing community of knowledgeable teachers will be there to support you.

Nicole W team photo She/Her

Nicole W

Westshore Instructor

I tap into my creativity to build sequences that help students discover their inner strength and I facilitate the process of relaxation for each body using modifications and variations. With a heart full of passion for yoga, I strive to create a sacred space where everyone feels encouraged to explore the transformative journey of yoga. Strength & Balance: My yoga practice emphasizes strength and the importance of restoring balance, both in body and mind. I believe that yoga isn't just about poses; it's about fostering resilience, empowering your body, and finding tranquillity within. Community & Connection: I cherish the joy of building a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Through my classes, I aim to bring people together, fostering a sense of connection and shared purpose. Yoga isn't just a physical practice; it's a gateway to relationships, support, and a shared path to well-being. Inclusivity: I'm deeply committed to creating a safe and welcoming space for every body and identity.. I celebrate the beautiful diversity of all individuals, and I believe in the healing power of yoga for each unique soul. Completed 500hrs Hatha Yoga Training with Modo Yoga in Kelowna, 2016. Completed 22hrs Flow Training with Modo Yoga in 2022. Completed 50hrs Restorative/Yin Training with Octopus Garden in 2022.

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Shane R team photo He/Him

Shane R

Westshore Instructor

Shane loves the outdoors. Chasing the ocean and mountains all the way from Ontario, he arrived on the island in 2021. He has since become addicted to surfing and mountain biking in between his day job as an environmental consultant. Shane began his journey with yoga in 2018 – he was bored at the gym and needed something to spice things up. Believing flexibility was not in his cards, he’d never entertained the idea of practicing yoga. One of his best friends pushed him to try an into month of power yoga – and just like that, he was hooked. The blending of a full body workout, finding the physical limit, and the practice of checking into the present moment while letting go, was exactly what he needed. Yoga helped him tame his temper (and still does) and touch his toes. Now he tries to pass that immense benefit of yoga through his teaching.

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Sarah H team photo She/her

Sarah H

Westshore Instructor

Sarah began practicing yoga as a way to stretch after running, but it became so much more than a physical practice when she started to feel subtle changes in her mind and heart. Without realizing it, she had started down a path of self-discovery, and it has changed her life for the better. Practicing yoga gives her the space she needs to let go of her thoughts, listen and connect with her heart, and embrace her dreams. Sarah began teaching yoga in 2013 to share her passion for something that has truly been such a positive influence in her own life. She strives to give her students space and connection to their heart, to their voice, and to their own unique passions. She believes that taking the time to find stillness, to breathe, and to listen will help us tap into our own innate and intuitive wisdom and guide us to where we truly want to be. Sarah enjoys spending time immersed in nature and feeling a connection to our beautiful Planet Earth. She believes there is always more to learn, and will always be an enthusiastic student and explorer of our world ♡ Sarah is a YA certified RYT-500, and teaches all levels Yin, Restorative, Hatha, Vinyasa, and paddle board (SUP) yoga. She also leads Meditation and Yoga Nidra, and always includes Savasana with every class! For more info please visit

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Tina V team photo she/her

Tina V

Massage Therapist

Tina graduated with honours from the International Academy of Health Sciences in 2019. She began her practice as an RMT in Ottawa ON, at a prenatal clinic. Moving west with her husband in 2021 they found themselves in beautiful Victoria BC. When not practicing massage or yoga, Tina is often playing with her dog, devouring books, creating textile crafts or playing D&D with her friends. Tina's practice is grounded in techniques designed to relax the nervous system. She utilized hot stones and neuromuscular relaxation techniques to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. It is when we are in this relaxed state the body is best able to recover. Tina applies therapeutic pressure in a soothing manner to relieve pain, increase range of motion and invite the body to relax in a calm safe space.

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Tamara M team photo she/her

Tamara M

Westshore Instructor

My name is Tamara Maxim and I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada! I am so grateful to live in the Pacific West Coast, which has a vibrant yoga community! I have 2 beautiful daughters who always support my yoga ventures. I have two adorable yoga dogs, Honey and Sweetheart, who join in my yoga adventures and are often featured in my yoga videos! I started teaching yoga in 1999, due in large part to the inspiration I found from spending time at the Yasodhara Ashram as a child and young adult. Through my own practice, infused with yoga philosophy and study, I have found yoga to be a constant source of healing and joy. I love weaving together deeper elements of yogic teachings into my classes, especially drawing from the elements that have resonated within my life. I am grateful for the many connections I’ve made in life through yoga and feel grateful to share my passion in my community.

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Erin K team photo She/Her

Erin K

Westshore Instructor

Erin Keir, born and raised in Toronto landed in paradise Victoria B.C. 500Hr RYT + Reiki Energy Healer, Erin combines elements of breath, energetic movement and mindful relaxation to promote a deep sense of balance and freedom. Her approachable style is accessible to yoga veterans and rookies alike – you’ll leave her classes connected to joy and ready to ‘Let Shift Happen.’ With over 15 years of diverse experience teaching many forms of yoga & dance, Erin leads regular weekly classes, private sessions, workshops and retreats worldwide. She proudly has served on the faculty of the Ahimsa Yogayama Teacher Training program, where she herself studied and graduated. Always a student, she is deeply grateful for her teachers & mentors: Michelle & JP Tamblyn-Sabo, Danielle March, YuMee Chung, Simon Park, Rod Stryker & Theresa Marcotte.

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Rose C team photo She/Her

Rose C

Victoria + Westshore Instructor

My passion for Creative Expressions, Yoga and Healing Arts continue to bloom everyday. I’ve been a Yoga Teacher for a decade sharing my energy and experience through community building, art, poetry and innovative resilient props for on and off my Yoga mat. My recent projects are supporting, facilitating and gathering conscious minds as a Creative Director for Yoga, Art & Nature Retreats as visitors on unceded territory on Haida Gwaii + sharing my Reclaimed Cedar Bloom Yoga & Art Blocks. To preview my music check out my Spotify playlist: Yoga with Rose

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Tianna A team photo She/Her

Tianna A

Westshore Instructor

Tianna has always had a huge passion for movement. She’s been practicing & teaching different forms for years, ranging from yoga, acrobatics, mobility, inversions, and more. This experience has given her the skills & expertise to help you dive into deeper levels of awareness within your own body to help you reach your movement goals. Whether your goal is to build strength, range of motion, body awareness, get upside down, or to feel better physically & mentally, she’s here to guide and support you through your journey!

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Studio Team

Kamila N team photo She/Her

Kamila N

Owner of LAB Westshore + Instructor

Kamila, Teacher & Owner of the Lab Westshore, is the one behind the scenes and often at the desk working with our incredible Westshore faculty and facility, and teaching a variety of class offerings at both Lab Westshore and Victoria. She grew up on Vancouver island, and keeps very active exploring within BC’s bountiful nature. Dance was a huge part of Kamila’s yoga journey and active lifestyle growing up; she fell in love with graceful mobility, and learned much about stretching and movement anatomy. Yoga came into Kamila’s life over 13 years ago, the physical/spiritual restorative functions and power of breath latched onto her heart and mind. The ever learning world of yoga and mindful fitness is humbling and exciting for Kamila, with several trainings, workshops, and years of experience in management and business she hopes to meet and move with you very soon! 

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Sheena N team photo She/Her

Sheena N

Owner of LAB Victoria + Instructor

Born in Toronto and raised in Guelph, Ontario, Sheena moved to the west coast and feels sweetly embraced by the change of pace. One of the best decisions she ever made. Following a previous life in restaurant operations, she set out on a year long self guided pilgrimage. Staying in ashrams and meditation centres to explore embodiement of the yogic lifestyle, in none of other than its birthplace of India. The intention being to better understand the intricacies of her own heritage, fostering spiritual growth. Her time abroad allowed her to absorb the nuances and traditions of Eastern hospitality which have reminded her to connect with authencity and sincerity everyday. She aspires to educate that the practice of yoga extends beyond being in a studio moving your body, manipulating your breath, relaxing and meditating. Empowering yogis to approach themselves with playfulness and curiosity inwards, themes from the traditional philosophies are woven through her classes to remind us how to take our practice off the mat. The message remains consistent; Slow down, breathe, illuminate the positive qualities of one's life, by approaching one’s own self with love. If not dancing in the kitchen, you can find her with a camera in hand. She’s happiest snacking in the sun, day dreaming by the sea or flowing on her yoga mat.

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Jill S team photo She/her

Jill S

West Studio Coordinator, Reiki + Head Massage Practitioner

Jill grew up in a large loving family of 8, being a middle child taught her the art of caring for others at an early age. Being very sensitive to the energies of people around her, Jill found herself wanting to help to make all things better. The desire to help others led her to a career in nursing at Island Health. Jill retired in 2021 after a 35-year career, 25 of these years at Hospice caring for the dying and their loved ones. Healing Touch was Jill’s introduction to energy work about 20 years ago and she found it to be a beautiful skill to have at the bedside. Jill completed two levels of Healing Touch and planned on continuing to all levels until she discovered Reiki. Jill completely fell in love with the simple and profound practice of Reiki and completed her training in 2022 and is a Usai Reiki Master Practitioner. Jill creates a welcoming safe space for clients to relax and surrender to the gentle energy with the intention of benefiting their body, mind and spirit for their highest good.

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Karla G team photo she/her

Karla G

West Studio/Media Coordinator, Instructor

I began my yoga practice at the age of twelve, mainly because of health reasons and this guide me to a path of self healing and self knowledge. That is why I decided to study holistic nutrition and herbal medicine. I love movement and my yoga practice and teachings are mostly based upon the Ghosh lineage and the Ashtanga yoga lineage as well. Currently, I teach yoga & lead retreats. I also provide holistic health services and courses through my business, LIMI − living mindfully.

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Rachel G. team photo She/ Her

Rachel G.

Victoria Studio Supervisor

Coming Soon!

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Heather M team photo She/Her

Heather M


The first time Heather connected with yoga she knew she had stepped onto a new path. Yoga became a practice that led her back home to herself. The focus she experienced when fully surrendering to movement brought her unexpected gifts of peace and presence. Over the last 14 years she has watched in awe as this community of students, teachers, staff and volunteers took shape. In 2014, Heather opened a second yoga studio in Westshore, with her business partner Darci Nyal. Over the course of the last decade Heather has grown her community and together they have created a culture of wellness (and fun!!) that continues to carry forward today. As previous Owner and matriarch Heather advocates for the needs of the students. She is passionate about building community and creating opportunities to link students together. Heather values acceptance and strives to create a space that is accessible for bodies of all different sizes and experience levels to explore movement and bridge connection between mind-body-spirit. Heather is a mother to her daughter and son! In this chapter of her life, she relies on the off-the-mat practice of yoga more than ever to support her in parenting with mindfulness. She loves to connect through nature and understands first hand the challenge of balancing family with work and self-care. Heather continues to be inspired by the leaders on her team that help to inspire our exceptional teaching faculty and ensure the studio is a warm and welcoming space for students. She appreciates that it takes a village to build two studios of this calibre and size! Heather is beyond grateful for the role every person plays to make Yoga Lab Victoria and Yoga Lab Westshore feel like home for so many people.

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Jaime K team photo She/Her

Jaime K

Victoria Studio Support & Instructor

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With more than 40+ volunteers representing our community, we are able to support the growth of practice with the integration of new friends and community.

Lineage Acknowledgement

We owe a debt of gratitude to the yoga teachers who have come before us. We are beneficiaries of Eastern wisdom traditions that include Vedic, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Tantric and Daoist lineages as well as modern postural yoga schools from the West, including Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, and Yin.

How are we connected?

We are two independently owned movement studios, proudly connected at the roots. We offer familiar, grounding yoga sequences in a heated room, and a thoughtful schedule of yoga & mindful fitness classes with varying heat settings. We celebrate the uniqueness of each studio, and have customized it to meet the needs of each community. Both carrying forward our shared values to ensure you feel at home at both!!

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