Yoga Education Modules

Choose to take the modules separately or as a comprehensive program (200hr cert). Perfect for both curious yoga practitioners and aspiring teachers alike.

200-hour Lab Method

Our 200-hour Module 1&2 program will offer you the foundational learning you need to practice and teach both hatha and vinyasa flow styles of yoga.


As a student you will

  • Deepen asana, meditation, and breathwork practices;
  • Understand how to sequence and deliver an effective Hatha and Vinyasa yoga style class;
  • Study human anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics through the lens of yoga;
  • Explore yogic models of the subtle body and understand how to use them both on and off the mat;
  • Unpack the ways in which yoga history, philosophy, mythology, and ethics are relevant to your life;
  • Be introduced to the Ayurvedic system of doshas and learn how it relates to the practice of yoga;
  • Learn how to hold safer space for your students through awareness of key issues around cultural appropriation, cultural sensitivity, gender neutrality, and body positivity;
  • Be introduced to the principles and basic techniques of trauma-informed teaching;
  • Develop cueing techniques through authentic expression;
  • Be introduced to teaching and building online communities;
  • Acquire business development skills to prepare for a career in yoga and wellness
  • Qualify for an audition to teach the Roots at The Lab locations;
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Dive Deeper

Module 1- Deepen your yoga by establishing a regular practice and attending postural alignment labs. Learn the fascinating  history and philosophy of yoga and find ways to relate these wisdom teachings to your life. Discover the rich teachings of ancient lineages and appreciate the insights of modern teachers.

Dedicate one weekend a month to learning and building genuine connections with a community of like minded practitioners, then take the remaining weekends to integrate the teachings.

  • 70 Hours
  • 9 Wednesday’s online from 7:00 – 9:00 PM
  • 4 in Person Weekends: 12:00pm – 7:00pm with an hour break (48hr)
    • Jan 6/7
    • Feb 3/4
    • Mar 9/10
    • April 6/7

Art of Teaching

Module 2: Deepen your embodied understanding of classical poses before observing others. You will also learn to assist students, learn the principles of effective sequencing and enhance your ability to hold space as a teacher. Step into the seat of the teacher through focused sessions on practice teaching, class theming, yogic ethics and how to start your career as a yoga teacher. 


Feel your practice This is an opportunity to learn about what it takes to teach yoga classes in heated spaces. Studios are leaning more and more toward offering a variety of warm to very hot. This training includes how to teach the Roots, Anatomy, Principles and Philosophy of heat and concludes with a written certificate of completion.

Pre-requisite 200 hr YTT or Module 1 Dive Deeper. 

  • 130 Hour
  • 10 Wednesday’s online from 7:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Sessions are hosted at both Lab Victoria & Lab Westshore
  • 8 in Person Weekends: 12:00pm – 7:00pm with an hour break 
    • April 20 Victoria /21 Westshore
    • April 27 Westshore/28 Victoria 
    • May 11/12 Westshore 
    • May 18 Westshore /19 Victoria 
    • May 25/26 Victoria 
    • June 1/2 Victoria 
    • June 15/16 Westshore 
    • June 22/23 Victoria 

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