Shane R team photo

Shane R

Westshore Instructor

Shane loves the outdoors. Chasing the ocean and mountains all the way from Ontario, he arrived on the island in 2021. He has since become addicted to surfing and mountain biking in between his day job as an environmental consultant. Shane began his journey with yoga in 2018 – he was bored at the gym and needed something to spice things up. Believing flexibility was not in his cards, he’d never entertained the idea of practicing yoga. One of his best friends pushed him to try an into month of power yoga – and just like that, he was hooked. The blending of a full body workout, finding the physical limit, and the practice of checking into the present moment while letting go, was exactly what he needed. Yoga helped him tame his temper (and still does) and touch his toes. Now he tries to pass that immense benefit of yoga through his teaching.

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