Sheena Naidu team photo

Sheena Naidu

Victoria Director + Instructor

Born in Toronto and raised in Guelph, Ontario, Sheena moved to the west coast and has embraced the change of pace. Following a 15 year tenure in restaurant operations, she resigned and set out on a self guided pilgrimage of India staying in ashrams and meditation centres to study the science of Ayurveda and art of yoga. The intention being to better understand the intricacies of her culture, fostering spiritual growth. Her time abroad allowed her to absorb the nuances and traditions of Eastern hospitality which taught her to bring empathy and sincerity to her everyday interactions. Her formal education and natural compassion for helping people from different demographics has been her greatest asset and has allowed for seamless transfer of skills to the wellness industry. She was mentored and trained to redefine hospitality for guests, going above and beyond for colleagues and the business. She prides herself on her ability to connect authentically as well as a willingness to adapt to the needs of a business and its people. Having the knowledge and experience of a yoga teacher, as well as studio operator, she possesses an understanding of both sides of the Yoga Lab operation. She aspires to educate that the practice of yoga extends beyond being in class moving your body, manipulating your breath, relaxing and meditating. Empowering yogis to surrender inwards, and illuminate the positive qualities of life, exploring one’s own luminosity. If not dancing in the kitchen, you can find her with a camera in hand. She’s happiest in the sun, by the sea or flowing on her yoga mat.

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