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Sheena N

Owner of LAB Victoria + Instructor

Born in Toronto and raised in Guelph, Ontario, Sheena moved to the west coast and feels sweetly embraced by the change of pace. One of the best decisions she ever made. Following a previous life in restaurant operations, she set out on a year long self guided pilgrimage. Staying in ashrams and meditation centres to explore embodiement of the yogic lifestyle, in none of other than its birthplace of India. The intention being to better understand the intricacies of her own heritage, fostering spiritual growth. Her time abroad allowed her to absorb the nuances and traditions of Eastern hospitality which have reminded her to connect with authencity and sincerity everyday. She aspires to educate that the practice of yoga extends beyond being in a studio moving your body, manipulating your breath, relaxing and meditating. Empowering yogis to approach themselves with playfulness and curiosity inwards, themes from the traditional philosophies are woven through her classes to remind us how to take our practice off the mat. The message remains consistent; Slow down, breathe, illuminate the positive qualities of one's life, by approaching one’s own self with love. If not dancing in the kitchen, you can find her with a camera in hand. She’s happiest snacking in the sun, day dreaming by the sea or flowing on her yoga mat.

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