Sasha M team photo

Sasha M

Victoria + Westshore Instructor

I finished my initial 200-hour training in Ucluelet, British Columbia. This marks just the beginning of a profound and magnificent journey for me. I've dedicated myself to delving deeper into the essence of Yoga, understanding that this pursuit spans beyond a single lifetime. This realization fills me with humility, excitement, and a sense of profound beauty. My intention now centred on sharing the transformative power of Yoga. I utilize its diverse tools to guide individuals toward greater fulfillment, freedom, and joy in their lives. My approach is rooted in presenting Yoga as a spiritual science, guiding individuals on an inward journey back to their inherent wholeness. Everything I offer aims to empower others to cultivate their own understanding and experience, allowing them to grasp the essence of Yoga's philosophical concepts and integrate them into their lives.

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