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Guy F

Victoria + Westshore Instructor

I teach yoga from the perspective that everyone is unique – no two bodies, minds or hearts are exactly the same. I believe that yoga practice is about discovering, embracing and acting from your deepest, most authentic self. When you come to one of my classes, expect to be grounded, centered, challenged, and reinvigorated – all delivered with a douse of fun and humour! My own yoga history, training and certification are extensive, varied and always ongoing. This variety is reflected in my classes as a fusion of seated and moving meditation, flowing Vinyasa, powerfully held Hatha postures, contemplative Yin, Pranayama, and guided meditation and relaxation including Yoga Nidra. I am nearing completion of my 800-hour training as a certified yoga therapist – bringing this know-how to all my classes, making sure that all students are safe and able to work within their own capabilities and uniqueness. I view the act of teaching as a joyful extension of my personal yoga practice. I’m passionate about all things yoga, and am always eager to share this passion, both one-on-one and in a class setting. I have had a regular and focused practice since 2003, both on and off the mat. My practice is a fusion of many influences, including sequencing using the Vinyasa Krama method, inward focus from the Vipassana and Shadow Yoga methods, alignment principles of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga™ and Anusara, the yoga philosophies of Erich Schiffmann and Michael Stone, and the mental discipline of hot yoga. I am strongly committed to fostering yoga community and continuing my own growth in and through yoga. What to expect for music: Guy uses a mixture of slower paced contemporary chill, background electronica, and classical music in his classes. He strives to limit use of songs with vocals and to match the pace of the music with the pace of the practice.

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