Willow H team photo

Willow H

Westshore RMT

Willow was born in Banff AB, Canada and raised in Ottawa ON. She first made a move westward in 2007 when she followed her roots back to Banff where she spent two years living and playing. Though she loved the seasonal adventures the mountains had to offer, she followed a pull towards the coast and has been living on Vancouver Island for over a decade where she now calls Metchosin home. When Willow was little, it was always a challenge to convince her to get out of the water–whether that was a lake in the Gatineau Park, a pool or a river–and not much has changed. A lover of all things water, she has found her happy place nearby the ocean with an abundance of varying coastline, rivers and lakes to explore. She even enjoys the rainy winters. Willow can often be found with a favourite mug in hand, enjoying local trails, snuggling something furry, laughing, engaged in good conversation, making soup or sitting at her piano. Willow is a recent graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy located in the heart of Victoria. Over the course of her time as an intern therapist, Willow had the opportunity to work with a variety of populations and conditions including: chronic pain, mental health challenges, athletes, pre and post natal, central and peripheral nervous system disorders and various inflammatory conditions. Willow welcomes a wide variety of clientele: from those seeking to simply enjoy a relaxation massage to those in need of a more therapeutic focus. She is committed to creating a practice centred around facilitating relief, wellness, empowerment and resilience as directed by each individual client’s goals. Working with Willow, you can expect empathic active listening, a mindful treatment approach and plan, as well as tailored homecare. Willow strives to forge supportive therapeutic alliances with her clients as a means of inspiring hope, curiosity and confidence as they pursue and maintain their health goals.

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