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Wendy D

Westshore + Victoria Instructor

I was actually born right here- in Metchosin on the Westshore, back in ‘68. Just to think how differently my 20’s may have turned out if I had had access to a brilliant yoga space like this one?! Well things turned out just the way they needed to and here I am, full circling back to my geographic roots. As a longtime lover of yoga as my chosen form of exercise for both the brain & body, you’ll likely see me next to you practising mornings, on my mat, and mostly because being on it and with other yoga doin’ folks, makes me feel alive & thriving- keeps me steadfast and motivated as I round the corner into my 50’s. As a dedicated and developing yoga teacher, my hope is that the deep necessity of my personal practice somehow comes across in classes, and that those like myself, who stumble, may find surer ground. I anticipate so very much sharing together- all of us learning & feeling better through the powerful group dynamic, yet still with the peace, privacy, & power, that comes with being on the mat.

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