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Tay E

Westshore Instructor

Tay (she/her) is a life-long learner and an advocate for liberatory personal and collective practices, such a yoga. She began her yoga practice in 2013, and since, yoga has revealed a life of truth, beauty, and love. Her practice now extends beyond yoga, into meditation, breathwork, and various healing practices. As a training psychotherapist, Tay imbues her classes with honesty, compassion, and teachings intended to be practiced far beyond the mat. Through movement, Tay believes we as practitioners have the opportunity to work through our physical, emotional, and mental “stuff.” Offering us greater clarity into the truth embedded within our lives. By seeing the unseen and connecting to the parts of us the world would rather have us hide, or that we ourselves once deemed as “not enough” — whether through our upbringing, social conditioning, or pain — Tay believes we can begin to heal on an individual and collective plane. Echoing the words of her teachers, there is no healing for one if there is no healing for all. Our liberation, our freedom is tied. Tay is continuously inspired by her teachers, Ally Maz and hiro Demichelis. As she aspires to facilitate classes that are trauma-informed and anti-oppressive, she shares the utmost appreciation for the work of Michelle C. Johnson, Reesma Menakem, Deb Dana, and many others who have made this work possible today. Tay’s classes are full of heart, offering a space for students to unload their worries, find their breath, and come back to their bodies. Her experience includes over 600-hours of yoga and meditation teacher training with the SATTVA School of Yoga, Feelvana with Ally Maz and Ashley Brodeur, and the Lab of Meditation’s meditation and breathwork facilitator training. Tay also offers a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and is working toward a master’s in counselling psychology. She is expected to graduate in the fall of 2022.

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