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Peter S

Westshore Instructor, Lead YTT Faculty

Hello, my name is Peter, and I am a certified athletic therapist, yoga instructor, and osteopathic student. My goal as a professional is; to combine my knowledge of athletic therapy, osteopathy, and an integrative practice of yoga, in order to provide my clients/students a holistic approach to health. The practice of yoga came as a natural avenue for me to finally find a bit of quiet in my thoughts. I did not realize until I began the practice of yoga, that I had to move my body to find stillness in my mind. To me, yoga is a system of techniques we use to increase the mindbody connection. I believe that a well sequenced and well taught class can offer benefits to anyone regardless of their ability. My style of practice and teaching is very much influenced by my formal education in athletic therapy, ongoing osteopathic studies, and years on the mat. Athletic therapy is the certification I chose to pursue to work as a health professional. Throughout my training as an athletic therapist, I have been fortunate to work with different local teams, including; Charger’s men’s volley ball, Vike’s girls’ basketball, and the Harbourcats baseball team. This has given me a wealth of practical experience, providing care for athletes who have sustained acute injuries, as well as providing ongoing rehabilitation of injuries. Athletic therapists are orthopedic specialists, who can provide care for anyone, not just professional athletes. As an athletic therapist, I look to get to the root of the problem in order to provide immediate care, and to offer solutions to prevent the injury from re-occurring. In addition to athletic therapy my educational journey has recently landed me in the study of osteopathy. This is an ongoing program lasting 5 years with additional years to complete a thesis. Osteopathy is a holistic manual practice which utilizes the bodies’ inherent autoregulatory mechanisms through which to create a physiological effect. This philosophy of approach treats the individual, and emphasizes the interconnectedness of all structures and processes within the human body. I have been teaching yoga for five years and have completed my Bachelor in Athletic & Exercise Therapy at Camosun, as well as my certification to be an athletic therapist, CAT(C). I am also committed to ongoing education through my osteopathic studies. The ability to combine the holistic practice of yoga, and the formal education in athletic therapy and osteopathy, allows me to approach the healing aspects of the body with an analytical yet flexible mind.

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