Marisha Schaefer team photo

Marisha Schaefer

Victoria Instructor/ Studio Support

Yoga has been a consistent light in my life. Sustaining multiple kickboxing injuries, I turned to yoga. My practice then transcended the physical, and became my gateway to more embody the divine. No more playing small - yoga allows my light to shine bright! I have complex ptsd, and have struggled with anxiety, depression, and addiction. After a complete life burn out I left Vancouver on an embarkment of my heart’s true path. I lived in Toronto, New Zealand, and Thailand. In 2014 I got sober, and took my first 200hr YTT. Several Vipassana retreats later, meditation is another consistent light in my life. My other passion is sailing. I have sailed to many far flung tropical islands. Upon discovering our magical island, I have settled down on the Peninsula, and I teach sailing for our Royal Navy. I studied Mindful Yin Yoga with Jennifer Raye. In 2020 I took another 200hr YTT at Hemma. I am now living my heart’s true path - an intrepid warrior. Sailing by day, yoga by night. The Yin to my Yang. I’m honoured to share space with you. May we all find more ease - one breath at a time.

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