Marianne E team photo

Marianne E

Victoria + Westshore Instructor

Yoga started for me in 2008 as a way to heal my body from rugby. The practice quickly became something I could seek refuge in, feel safe, supported and at home. I traveled to Costa Rica to begin my teacher training journey and found myself teaching full time in 2013. With over 6000 practical teaching hours teaching from Calgary to Ecuador to Thailand I find myself living in Victoria. I teach to hold space for students to arrive as they are; wherever you are in your life you are welcome and supported. I believe this practice is for everyone, yoga does not discriminate. It is a tool to bring together our hearts, bodies and minds, a practice that brings us together to share our shared experience of being human. So whether you are doing backflips, practicing with a broken limb or broken heart there is something here for you and I’m honoured to be part of your journey.

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