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Eddy B

Victoria Instructor

To me, it's all about awareness. Yoga encourages us to move with mindfulness, compassion, and intention and that transfers over to almost every aspect of our daily lives. It’s about learning and practicing on the mat so we can spread this joy, happiness, presence, and love to others off of the mat. My positive approach to teaching provides for a playful atmosphere where I weave together free-fluid movements with the sounds of the breath while always coming back to intuition. I enjoy flowing through funky transitions and settling deeply into a shape allowing the asana to fully encompass the body. Through these transitions and asanas, I will attempt to guide the class to discover these new depths, kind of like exploring the deep sea. My intention is to give students the feeling and experience of oneness, wholeness, connectedness and to cultivate a positive state of being. My professional background lies in nature and forest connection and I often bring these “natural” aspects into the class. Whether it’s placing our awareness on the elements within us or building a sequence like building a fire, it’s all connected. MUSIC BIO: My music choice is diverse with inspiration coming from Spanish, Arabic, and Indian influences. I attempt to match the energy of the class with a steady beat to guide us through flow and instrumental flow for restore classes.

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