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Ambre R.

Westshore Community Class Instruct

Ambre has been practicing yoga since 1997, where she attended her first Iyengar classes on Vancouver Island, and found hot yoga in 2000, when she developed a passion for hot yoga, from Bikram's to Moksha/Modo to YYoga and heated power classes. She holds three yoga certifications, totalling approximately 780 hours of teacher trainings, from Vancouver Island, Mexico, and YYoga Richmond. She has been teaching for studios in Vancouver since 2010. Ambre earned her degree in music therapy in North Vancouver in 2012, and currently works in Long Term Care using music activities, singing and movement as a medium to goals with residents. Ambre also has a passion for outdoors, nature, nutrition, and animal rescue. Having recently moved to South Vancouver Island, Ambre is excited to integrate into the yoga lab community and connect with students and teachers. Come sweat and play, and practice at your own edge, which may vary practice to practice, honouring that your highest teacher is always within you :-)

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